27 September, 2007

Everyone needs a little extra once in a while


Sometimes it happens. I've discussed it here before. Sometimes unforeseen things happen, and you just need a little extra coin to get over that hump. Maybe your car windscreen gets broken. Maybe your brakes go out. Maybe your heater gives out just as a cold snap approaches. Sure, we should have emergency funds for things like that. But there are those times when things happen all at once (at least, that is how it works in my house).

For those times, when your emergency fund is depleted from a prior emergency, and you haven't been able to build it back up proper yet, but you absolutely, positively need a little cash advance in the here and now, there are options. Sure, those payday loans places charge an arm and a leg in interest. But this is short term stuff here people. It isn't like you're going to be paying that 2000% interest for any amount of time. Look, it usually costs about $50 to get a two week $250 loan. If you figure the APR, it is astronomical. But, if you look at it as a fee for a service, it isn't that bad. It beats the heck out of bouncing checks.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one that is going to go around advocating the use of the payday loans operations, but I do see they are a necessary evil at times. If used sparingly and correctly, they can be a life saver. The problem comes with people who get themselves into a cycle of cash advance loans, and never get out of it.

Now the cash advance loans have come to the Internet. Cashadvance1500.com is a sort of clearing house for online payday loans operations. You hit the site, fill out the proper forms, and the cash is AHC deposited into your bank account.

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07 September, 2007

Internet makes relocation easier


If you have moved around as much as I have, you have probably learned that, while living in all sorts of different locations is exciting and fun (and makes great stories for where ever you end up next), the actual moving stinks. Well, not the moving so much, but the relocation. Trying to figure out everything you need to know so you don't make the wrong decisions on things like what type of place to live in can be difficult from hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

The Internet of course, makes things so much easier. It is now easy to find real estate values online so you know you don't end up paying too much for too little. Not to mention things like mortgage quotes.

NationalRelocation.com is has a good site with all of this information.This place is nearly a one-stop shop for relocations. They have it all, they can hook you up with a Realtor, they have information on foreclosures, movers and even houses for rent.

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21 August, 2007

Long ago and far away...

Holy Cow! Has it really been almost a month since my last post here? Crimeny, I need some sort of something to do something to help me make sure I post more stuff here. Although, in reality, this site is kind of dying out. I started this site to chronicle my attempts at making money on the 'Net (and blogging in particular), and I think I have pretty much covered all I can find to cover.

Oh sure, there are SEO things and what not. You something that kills me though? Some of the opportunities from SEO companies - wanting to charge you, dear reader, your hard-earned cash so that they will help you get a better search engine rating? Those companies, will only accept bloggers to advertise for them with astronomical Google PageRanks. Like 7 or 8. What putz's.

Anyway, I see that my Bigsibling blog is holding steady in the PageRank game at 3, this blog is up to 2 (w00t!) and myhometown.blogspot.com is up to 1 (oh well). But at least nothing is slipping DOWN in the rankings. And not moving forward it tons better than moving backwards!!!

Ok, I need to start hitting this site more with updates and what not. Oh, that clixsense thing? Not so much, I spent like 45 minutes the other day, just clicking away, and I end up with something like 34 cents. When they say clixsense they really mean clixcents!

27 June, 2007

Getting more for less


It seems that every time you turn around, there are more and more blogs on how to make money or save money via the Internet. Quite frankly, there are so many, it is hard to keep track of them all. While I'm not trying to tell anyone how to make money. I'm not giving out some sort of 'secret' that only I know.

What I am doing here, is trying to keep track of my attempts at making a little more money. I don't have any grand ideas that this is going to someday replace the ol' 8-5.

All that being said, the guy over at Hustlermoneyblog has some rather nifty (if not possibly a little...er...shall we say shady?) ideas for getting more for less.

For instance, it seems that the nice and kind folks over at American Express are giving away 25,000 reward points via a Credit card bonus for new customers who get open a new American Express Business Gold card account. But this is a limited time offer, so you must apply right away (isn't that always the case with these things?).

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Hustlermoneyblog.com's credit card bonus

More opps from PPP

I don't know if you have noticed the graphic to the left that reads "Hire Me". This is a relatively new PayPerPost program titled "PayPerPost Direct". The way it works is, you have the badge on your site, an advertisers sees your site, likes your content (not to mention your exceptional wit and prose) and hires you for a direct placement advertisement.

You can always decline the offer, or negotiate for more money for the ad. I don't know if declining the offer will actually inhibit your ability to get more PPP Direct business, but I would assume it would not since these do not come from PPP, they only facilitate the meeting.

At any rate, if you are a postie, check it out.

Thanks for visiting!

26 June, 2007

Credit Good - Debt Bad


We all want things we don't have. Am I right or what? And sometimes, we need things we don't have, and don't really have the funds to acquire. Seriously. Many people just simply do not have savings. And if they do, it is too little. Lets say you suddenly need a new catalytic converter. WHAM! something like $1300 right there. This is where credit cards can, and do, come in handy.

Now, sure, debt is bad. Debt is the one commandment that was left off the ten. I'm sure if there were and eleventh commandment, it would have been "Thou shalt not carry consumer debt." But there isn't. Or maybe there is, and it is a conspiracy by the banks and creditors, and they went and removed that from all the copies of the Bible so as to make us all *think* it is ok.

At any rate, while debt is bad, and should be avoided at every turn possible. Credit is not bad. Credit is good. Credit allows one to do things like rent cars, reserve hotel rooms. Buy things online. Buy things with the ultra-cool dealio that many credit card companies have that protects your stuff for so many days after purchases.

Goldstarcredit.net is pretty much a one-stop shopping for information on credit reports and credit cards. If you need a new card, head over there. They have 0% (limited time only) cards.

As usual, thanks for stopping by!

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21 June, 2007

For people good with graphics & 3D modeling

I have found another place to earn a bit more for those of you who:

1) Have a bit of time on your hands

B) Have graphics editing software (and know how to use it)

III) Have knowledge (or a strong desire to learn) 3D computer modeling

That is a place called "Second Life". Some of you may have heard of it. Heck some of you are probably already in it. Now, I've never been one for internet chatting. I guess I just don't have all that much to say. And I certainly didn't see the point in using a chat program where everyone is running around as little cartoon characters.

What I didn't realize is (now I don't know about others, all i know about is Second Life) that it is so much more than just chatting. There are actual businesses in there. Barack Obama has a Second Life campaign headquarters. If you have the talent and the time, there are people who have left their 'real life' jobs and are making their living in the Second Life world.

Just in case you think it is only for the geekish, Rueters (you know the news people) have their own "Second Life News Center." This is Rueters people! And they have a correspondent that covers Second Life stuff.

It has even come to where the US Congress is talking about how to tax dollars earned in these virtual worlds.

Ok, buy now you are probably saying "but I don't understand it all." Which is probably correct. And even after fairly exhaustive research on the matter, I'm not certain I understand it either. But here goes my view of what goes on.

Second Life has their own currency. They are called "Linden Dollars" and the currency symbol is displayed as L$1 or sometimes $1L. But I think officially it is supposed to be L$1. Now, people start to accumulate mass quantities of these Lindens (which is the vernacular - or sometimes Lindeys). After accumulating mass quantities of Lindens, people can and do sell them for real money. I have seen the Lindens on the Ebay, but it is also possible to buy them from people in the game (indirectly). According to the Reuters Second Life site, the current exchange is 267.4L$/USD. I know, it sounds crazy. The have an exchange? For play money? Whatever.
So where is the money being made? Several places. One is real estate. For a mere $1,700 (real money, not the Linden dollar crap) you can buy your own island. Then you can sell and/or rent part or all of the land to other people. You can build up whatever type of community you want on the island.

So virtual real estate is one way. Another way is to make things in Second Life and sell them. People sell clothes (as referenced above), hair (go figure), cars, planes, space ships, light sabers. Think of something, and they sell it.

And yet another way is *ahem* prostitution. Strange, but true. Now I don't know why someone would pay someone else to have two cartoon characters...uh... "make the beast with two backs" (to paraphrase Billy Shakespeare). But I guess they do. So not only clothes and hair are for sale, but anatomically enhanced...er...body parts also.

Seriously though, I think if you have the vision and the time, you could make some good coin in there. Seriously, the following is from the website Second Life Insider (they post these stats every day) - emphasis is my own

Yesterday in Second Life we:

  • Spent US$1,697,000 at an exchange rate of L$270.7 to US$1
  • Exchanged US$192,000 at an average of US$8,000.0 per hour.
  • Market buys were US$115,000
  • Market sales were US$75,000
  • Limit-limit buys were US$1,200
  • The busiest time was at 7pm when about US$11,000 was exchanged.
  • The quietest time was 10pm when about US$6,000 was exchanged
Do you see that? In one day almost $1.7 million US dollars were spent. In ONE DAY. Money exchanged from US to Lindens (or the other way around, I don't know for certain) at a rate of $8K per hour.

Maybe it is just me, but it seems that if one invested a little time effort, and sure a little money, they could do pretty well there.

Of course, the old saying is "it takes money to make money" and mostly that is true. But in Second Life there are ways to make money without spending much. You don't need to own land to sell your goods. There are places that will rent you a billboard (I don't know for how much) from where you can sell your goods.

You can sign up for free, and play forever for free, if you choose. About 45 days after signing up, they give you L$250. That isn't as much as it sounds as many things, like a shirt, can go for L$150 or more. If you pay the $9.95/month (real money) they give you L$1000 after 45 days, and a L$300 per week stipend.

You can use 3D Studio Max, Maya, or just about any 3D modeling software (even the free stuff like Blender). Many say Blender is better for SL than the big commercial products because those commercial products have so many features, bells and whistles, that are not used in SL. So if you are going to get something specifically for SL, then Blender seems the way to go.

I don't know how difficult it is to create the 3D things. But for things like shirts or pants, it is very, very easy. If you don't want to pay for painting software, get the GIMP it is very powerful, but if you are used to Photoshop, there is a bit of a learning curve. It is very similar, but there are enough differences (keyboard shortcuts, etc.) that it can be frustrating for a Photoshop person to use.

At the SL website, there are templates to download, just make your clothing on those templates, then upload the image files into SL (it costs L$10 per file to upload). Then you can mark them with properties, such as "no copy", "no transfer"(they can't give it away or sell it)","No modify".

In addition to all of that, there are scripts. Scripts can be attached to an object or article of clothing and are acted upon by a number of different ways. There are animation scripts, which can change the way people walk, or run. They can make the avatar sit or jump or kneel or whatever.

I haven't looked too deeply into the scripting language, but it looks suspiciously similar (syntactically) to JavaScript and Perl. So I am guessing it is derived from one of those.

Well, anyway, I am sure there are more ways to make the bling in SL, but I am running out of time for this post (and by now I am certain you are running out of patience trying to read it), so I'll let it go for now. But I will probably post some more on it as I tryout making some shirts (they have very few western clothes in that place, so I'm going to see if I can sell some cavalry style bib shirts). I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, I almost forgot, if you want to check out second life, please use this link as if you decide to stay and sign up for the monthly charge, I get L$2000! Then you can refer your friends and you can get the L$2K for yourself! (which is yet another way to make some moolah from SL)

Thanks for stopping by.

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